How do I get an anonymous proxy list?

A proxy server is an intermediary between an Internet user and the site of interest. When you enter the site, all client data is written off, in order to save your data, you should think about buying a proxy server. It is this program can secure the entrance of any client and save data. Particularly in demand among tall people who want to save their data and do not let them write off the site. Also, some sites can block the entry, which can also help proxy servers that have the ability to bypass the blocking site. After that, any client will be able to enter the site of interest without problems.

Each proxy server is thoroughly tested in the present mode on the main parameters, such as: country, type of anonymity and speed of task execution. Among the many proxies stand out as paid and free proxy servers. There is a large number.

The free proxies do not require any unnecessary actions or clutter, that is, do not require extra authorization. One of the main characteristics of the choice is the anonymity of the proxy server, on which the security of your data will depend. The following proxies are distinguished: without anonymity, low, medium and highly anonymous proxy servers.

Without anonymity — proxy servers that allow you to recognize your data and see whether or not the client uses a proxy server. Low anonymity allows you to classify user data, but also shows how the proxy is being used.

Average anonymity allows a site to understand that a user is using a proxy while thinking they know your IP address, which isn’t really yours.

Highly anonymous differs from previous sites in that the site won’t be able to read the user’s data in any way and calculate whether the client is using a proxy when they log on to the site. From these characteristics, anyone will be able to find a worthwhile proxy that matches all user requests when they log on to the site. It is enough to choose from the qualitative list of anonymous proxies the client needs.

So be vigilant when choosing proxy servers, always paying attention to anonymity!

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