What proxy functions do users have?

Proxy — software or server with software that performs certain operations (usually establishes a connection) from user name. Often identified with the intermediary HTTP (HTTP proxy).

The user assigns an agent to the respective client. For the FTP and HTTP services, this is the FTP and&nbsp client;web browser. In In addition to these popular solutions are also known for others such as application intermediaries (proxy servers) that transmit application requests, in fact they act as middleware and perform «data &raquo dependent routing; . Intermediaries of other types may support, for example, network protocols for voice and other services.

Proxies are suitable for most applications in SEO area. They work perfectly in most popular positioning tools. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to base your activities on automation, tracking site positions, online marketing, or if you want to be anonymous in internet, while using a proxy will sooner or later prove necessary.

Advantages of using a proxy server:

  • A much shorter waiting time for a page to load on the network (since it is loaded from a server located in a w3cache network which in mainly uses a high-speed connection to high bandwidth);
  • proxy server connection is better than c target server directly if it is slow;
  • if someone before we have been uploaded by the pages or other resources through this proxy server, then our computer will immediately upload it from the proxy server;
  • hide the IP address of the computer on which we are working.
  • Proxy and security:

Using an intermediary introduces a security element into the network because its work is done at the application layer of ISO / OSI models and as such, it can analyze the logical content of packets, and not only their formal compliance with the standard.

Some software vendors have developed communication protocols with dedicated servers where the content of a web page is analyzed to detect viruses in c ActiveX or streaming content analysis to eliminate the possibility of their compilation in tunnels.

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